BFM® Flexible Fitting

The new standard of industrial fittings

Simpler to use. Easier to clean. More secure. The BFM® Flexible Fittings have a superior durability compared to traditional fittings.



Flexible Fittings are simply Superior

  • Hygiene
    No crevices for product to get caught in.
  • Sizing
    Perfect fit – every single time.
  • Fitting
    Can only fit in exactly the correct place.
  • Security
    Seals even tighter under high pressures.
  • Standard sizes
    Set standard sizes in 50mm increments helps to standardise stock holdings of spare parts.

The Revolution of Fittings

Introducing the revolutionary snap-in, flexible BFM® connector and BFM® spigot. The patented technology eliminates the problems associated with traditional hose clamp systems.

Hose Clamps just became reduntant

Inaccurate measurements and product variations with traditional hose clamps made installation a challenge. With BFM® connectors, change-overs happen fast, and can be carried out in less than 40 seconds.


Videos of Flexible Fittings


Universal brochure of BFM® Flexible Fittings

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